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Fighting Climate Change

There is a large push across the world to fight climate change. Moving from fossil fuel dependency towards renewable energy is the primary way to do this, and there are many companies now involved in this new industry.

This leads to increased renewable energy production worldwide. But there are several challenges.

The Challenge

While renewable energy companies are trying to reduce impact of climate change, this industry is not immune to challenges posed by climate change.

The Uncertainty

The worldwide renewable energy sector incurs economic losses due to extreme weather events. Such events are on the rise due to climate change. As countries are moving towards more renewable energy sources, extreme events will cause greater uncertainty in power production.

And this, is where VYOM comes in.

Two-Fold Solution

VYOM offers higher resilience to renewable energy infrastructure by providing a two-fold solution....

Solution One

Weather Prediction

First, we provide early warning signals for extreme events, which will allow grid operators to be prepared with counter measures. In this manner, VYOM provides control solutions to predict the variability in the energy production.

Solution Two

Infrastructure Locations

We identify optimal locations for renewable energy generation and storage, revealed through our analysis

Our Process

Climate Data Analysis

At VYOM, we use a data driven, complex system approach supported by machine learning, to map the evolution of hidden patterns and connectivities in the earth system.

Our Impact

VYOM accomplishes all of this with higher certainty to forecasts using reduced computing power compared to conventional methods and hence at a lower cost. VYOM will make inroads into the 3.6 billion € medium range forecasts service sector and provide optimal infrastructure locations through policy briefs to reduce losses due to future climate change.

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